Donor Profile on Brent Beazly

Brent Beazly has a heart for Liberia.

A member of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC), Beazly has been helping fund projects in Liberia for over ten years. In 2006, the “IGRC and Liberia District-to-District Partnership” was created, and since then he has been providing financial support for several projects in Liberia: building and rebuilding churches, constructing wells, funding tuition for 30 children to go to school in a remote area, and much more.

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E-Readers Come to Banyam Theological Seminary “Like Manna from Heaven”

In continuation of the E-Reader Project, Discipleship Ministries and Board of Higher Education and Ministries through Discipleship Resources International (DRI) recently delivered 42 Kindle e-readers to the Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) in Nigeria. Over 100 students and faculty members participated in the three days of training

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