The E-Reader Project

Got a Minute? This is the Bishop Wenner School of Theology in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Bishop Wenner opened in January and is the latest school to partner with The E-Reader Project. DRI Representative Julu Swen recently delivered the school’s first set of e-readers and sat down with the Dean Rev. Alfred Karimu to discuss the school’s launch.

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How You Can Help

  • Pray for theses future church and community leaders
  • Make a personal contribution. Students are contributing ($15) each semester to pay for their e-readers, you can support them by making a gift.
  • Invite your church, Sunday School Class, youth group or small group can provide one or more e-readers for students.  Each e-reader, pre-loaded with theological content for three years of classes, costs $300. 

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Greetings from Nigeria.

I write to say thank you in a special way and the GBOD at large for introducing to us in Africa the E-reader.  The E-reader has been a huge blessing to me as a person and my ministry at large. 

The E-reader has boosted my reading culture, I can now read more than three hours a day, unlike in the past.  The books in the E-reader are very rich and wisely selected to help in ministry.  “The Nigerian Novel,” Things Fall Apart,” and Half of a Yellow Sun,” by both Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adichie are books I was told to read in the days of my school, but I was not able to.  With the help of the E-reader, I was able to read them all, giving me a full knowledge of Igbo traditions and the Nigerian civil war, among others.

The E-reader can help a Nigerian pastor so much, especially those in the rural areas and those with a poor reading culture.  I also advice that books should have the inclusion of Hausa books for the benefit of those that cannot read English fluently.

Thank you, Robin, for taking your time to train us.  I wish you God’s blessings.

-Rev. Salama Hassan

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