Donor Profile on Brent Beazly


DRI_Gbarnga GroupBrent Beazly has a heart for Liberia.

A member of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC), Beazly has been helping fund projects in Liberia for over ten years. In 2006, the “IGRC and Liberia District-to-District Partnership” was created, and since then he has been providing financial support for several projects in Liberia: building and rebuilding churches, constructing wells, funding tuition for 30 children to go to school in a remote area, and much more.

Beazly was searching for a way to support seminary schools and students in Liberia. He learned about the E-Reader Project from Scott Gilpin, Executive Director of Fund Development for Discipleship Ministries. Through an email conversation, Gilpin introduced Beazly to the details of the project. He was immediately interested.

After 36 years of working as a mechanical engineer, the now-retired Beazly understood the value of technology making things faster and easier. The E-Reader Project was the perfect fit: providing easy-to-use technology to seminaries in need.

Since getting involved in the E-Reader Project in 2013, Beazly has made a significant contribution to both Gbarnga School of Theology and the United Methodist University graduate program in Liberia. His contributions alone have provided well over 150 devices for the two schools, and he has generously funded renovations for housing and administrative buildings on the Gbarnga campus—a school that was nearly in ruins after two civil wars in the country.

The E-Reader Project team is grateful to be partners in mission with Brent Beazly!

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