Seeds of Hope

By Rev. Adriano Kilende,

Seeds of hope.

That’s what these young people are for Bishop Emílio de Carvalho. The West Angolan theology school was forced to close 25 years ago because of the country’s civil war. Bishop Emílio de Carvalho reopened its doors three years ago, the youngest theology school in Africa, with 42 students working to become a new generation of pastors.

The E-Reader Project has been in a partnership with the school since it’s reopening. Janeth da Luz, a second-year student at Bishop Emílio de Carvalho said the e-readers are helping her have a better understanding of theology. Older students are now teaching those in first year new ways of using the e-readers. If the students are the seeds of hope, the e-readers are the resources helping them grow.



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