E-Reader Project Comes to Uganda

by: Rev. Dr. Thomas Munengwa

Rev. Dr. Thomas Munengwa (right) with Rev. Toko at United Methodist Theological College in Mukono Uganda.

In May, I was asked to lead a two-day training workshop for one of the E-Reader Project’s newest partner schools: The United Methodist Theological College (UMTC) located in Mukono, Uganda. To help me facilitate the training, I had the help of a few members of the college’s leadership team including Rev. Michael Ssekandi, and UMTC’s Project Manager Rev. Lugobe Fad.

The 35 e-readers the college requested were received before my visit. So, when I arrived, everyone was ready to go.  This training, which we held on the college’s campus, was a learning experience for both students and staff members to better understand how to use the e-readers.  It was clear from the start that the students were eager to get their hands on the device and have access to all of its contents.

UMTC students with their new e-readers.

We divided the training into three main sessions. The first served as a time for the students and staff to familiarize themselves with the e-reader device. The second session was focused on the use and management of the e-library. Our final session was set aside as e-reader clinic with the on-site project manager, Rev. Fad.  As it turned out, Rev. Fad proved to be a great help, someone who was very familiar with the e-readers and how they worked; between the two of us, we tackled any questions or technical issues that arose throughout the training.

Overall, the two-day training went well. During my time there, I was struck by just how limited the resources were that the instructors had to work from, and I understood why the students were so enthusiastic about the new e-readers. I believe the project has helped ease a great need at UMTC.