Technology:  The growing use and affordability of digital technology makes solving problems simple and straight-forward. 

  • Our books and resources are made available to those who need them most by building on digital platforms and mobile connectivity in the developing world.
  • Where connectivity is not available, we download resources onto e-readers and hand deliver them to schools of theology.
  • We provide e-readers to faculty and students through sponsorships and contributions.
  • Our effective and inexpensive way to distribute books to those schools in limited and no-access areas works.

Publication and Digital Curation: Publication teams, established to support their own episcopal area, help African authors and publishers translate and digitize their writings and expand their audiences.

  • We actively curate books by African authors for their libraries.
  • The faculty of each partnering school of theology determines the books they need, then we work with the very best publishers of theological resources to make them available.
  • United Methodist resources are now available for the first time in Portuguese and French.

In the Field: The E-reader Project succeeds when the effort is fully embraced at the Central Conference and college levels. 

“The Kindle has kindled the fire of reading on our campus. It goes everywhere. It is indispensable.” 
-Rev. Dr. Yatta Young, Former President Gbarnga School of Theology