One E-Reader, A Lifetime of Ministry

The E-Readers for Theological Education initiative is a partnership with Higher Education and Ministry and Discipleship Ministries and is committed to providing e-libraries on e-readers with important theological texts to the libraries of United Methodist-related and sponsored theological schools in Africa and the Philippines by the end of the 2012-2016 quadrennium.

E-readers in schools has proven to be an effective way to help theology schools in remote areas have access to current textbooks and reference books. An 18-month pilot project (2013-2014) at Gbarnga School of Theology in Liberia proved that the e-reader is affordable, easy to use, and capable of holding a charge for weeks at a time. Faculty gained access to current theological publications and research. Students gained access to reference books and textbooks related to their three-year curriculum, Bibles, dictionaries, and even cultural readings related to and authored in Africa. Students and faculty celebrated the simplicity of carrying their entire “library” to class, home, and church.

Now E-readers have been taken to twelve additional schools, including French- and Portuguese-speaking schools, accompanied by training for faculty and students. Four to five additional schools will be added in 2016. Students at all schools have the possibility of taking an e-reader with them into ministry upon graduation.

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Next Steps

All of the schools sign a three-year agreement with Discipleship Ministries and Higher Education and Ministry, in which all parties agree to work together over that time period to stay in communication, add more devices each year, and add more digital content to the e-libraries. The faculty and students commit to contributing financially for the e-readers. Learn more »

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Funding for the e-reader initiative comes partly from the Central Conference Theological Education fund (CCTE), partly from donors and churches, and partly from the students and faculty at the schools. Support our efforts to provide e-readers to seminarians and faculty »