Check here for the latest developments in the E-Reader project from around the world.

E-Readers Project Expands to Asia through Partnership with Wesley Theological College and Huree University
April 12, 2016 | Nashville, TN (GBHEM) — The United Methodist e-reader initiative, which provides digital libraries to students attending theological schools in remote areas, is expanding to include Wesley Theological College (WTC), in Vietnam, and Huree University, in Mongolia.

E-readers transform theological education in Congo
April 11, 2016 | WEMBO NYAMA, Democratic Republic of Congo (UMNS) — One would think six months adequate time to pull off a trip from Nashville, Tennessee, to Wembo Nyama, Democratic Republic of Congo. Complex schedules forced three postponements, but the need remained unchanged. Pastors in training in the heart of the Congo urgently needed library and study resources.

The E-Reader Project expands in Angola, provides essential textbooks for theology students
June 30, 2015 — The Rev. Adriano Quelende, director of Global Formation for Spiritual Leaders at the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), traveled to the annual conferences of Angola East and West, May 12–23, 2015, to introduce e-readers at two United Methodist schools of theology.

Launch of E-Readers for Theological Education in Two Schools in Mozambique 
March 19, 2015 — The e-Reader launch at Cambine Theological School in Mozambique began with worship, singing, and introductions in the chapel. Then we moved into a large classroom in the same building for the actual training. Adriano Kilende from Higher Education and Ministry led the training in Portuguese. The training is meant to be very practical and user-friendly, getting the students and faculty to explore the content and some of the features of the Kindles.

E-Readers Offer Better and Cheaper Theological Texts
Feb. 19, 2015 | ABIDJIN-Doumé, Côte d’Ivoire (UMNS) — Tété Gnamba Laurent Martial, a freshman at the United Methodist seminary located in this isolated village, has spent $400 making copies of textbooks in the past four months. But a program to provide e-readers for theological students in Africa and the Philippines has brought relief for 50 students and faculty members at the theological school.

Discipleship Ministries and Higher Education and Ministry renew agreement to continue E-Readers for Theological Education
A pilot project to provide e-readers loaded with theological texts has proven so successful that GBHEM General Secretary Kim Cape and Discipleship Ministries  General Secretary Tim Bias renewed their joint agreement, continuing this interagency collaboration until December 2016. The renewed agreement extends the “E-Reader Project” and includes a partnership with the African Association of United Methodist-related Theological Institutions (AAUMTI) and its sixteen United Methodist theology schools in Africa. The new agreement also includes four theology schools in the Philippines.

United Methodists in Africa Distributing Ebola Resource
Dec. 19, 2014  /Discipleship Ministries/ – Africans plagued by the deadly Ebola virus are receiving in-depth information about the outbreak in a brochure produced by medical experts at Vanderbilt University and printed by United Methodists in Liberia.

E-Reader Project Reaches Portuguese-Speaking Countries in Africa
Nov. 20, 2014 | Nashville, TN (GBHEM) — The E-Reader Project recently got a boost through obtaining Portuguese content for e-readers for theological schools in Angola and Mozambique. Adriano Quelende, director of Global Formation for Spiritual Leaders at the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, recently visited the annual conferences of Angola East and West as well as Mozambique North and South annual conferences and acquired additional theological content for the Portuguese e-readers.

E-Readers for Theological Education Expands to Philippines
Oct. 20, 2014 | DALLAS (UMNS) At Gbarnga School of Theology, there’s no running water, electricity comes and goes, and classrooms remain scarred from when troops occupied them during Liberia’s long civil war. Still, learning goes on. That’s because each student has an e-reader provided by The United Methodist Church.

E-Reader Pilot Project Provides Electronic Books for Gbarnga Theology Students
Professors and students at the Gbarnga School of Theology in Liberia spend time and money copying passages the students need for study because they don’t have enough books. But that could change once a pilot project using e-readers gets underway.

WNC BOM Gives E-Reader Project a Boost
A check for $6,000 from the Western North Carolina Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry was presented to the e-reader project for theological schools in Africa, bringing the total collected for the project to $47,725.